My name is Katie Garcia and, y’all know, I’m on track to be a secondary English educator.

I’ve always known that teaching would be my life-long profession. Since I was a little girl, I have been the “helper”. I have always enjoyed watching others learn new things or grasp new concepts. Teachers have such an impact on their students, as we all know, and I wish to be nothing less than the one who impacts them enough to feel empowered in their studies and in themselves in general. Classrooms hold so many different personalities and I like to think of that as a chance to test myself, challenge myself. How would I help the Varsity Cheerleader write a college letter that gets her into her dream school? How do I assist the quiet kid how to feel confident in his work and in his own skin enough to share his masterpieces? Every student brings something to the room and as a teacher, it is our job to crack the shells around our students to see what beautiful mess spills out.

Besides my desire to have an impact on adolescents, I have a few other desires. I would love to live out of Wisconsin and see some other states. I am open to using my passport and seeing beyond the states. Aside from travels, I am hoping to run as many half marathons as I can. I ran both a half and full marathon this past year and realized 13.1 is best for me. I am truly someone who learns by doing, in case you cared to know. The marathon was a cool thing to say I did–but during it, I was hurting so bad I could have (and would have if my dad didn’t tell me to finish what I started) laid on the road and let runners stampede over me. Another example of my habit to ‘learn by doing’ , as I’ve already shared, is my experience in a K5, 1st, and 2nd grade class. I figured out real fast it wasn’t exactly my “thing”. I adore the quirky, awkward, over emotional age that is adolescence.

Reading out-loud in class is an activity that makes most students “freak out”, roll their eyes, etc. I was one of these students. As were the majority of my friends. There was always that one kid who would read flawlessly and I would wonder why I was completely incapable of doing that. I actually found sites of people asking for help on how to stay calm when called on to read in front of the class. I tossed around a few ideas of what to make my topic and settled on reading out-loud in the classroom. Mostly because I am not sure where I stand on it. Since my disciplinary is English, it seems natural to read in class, but what about in science or math? I am hoping to get the answers to my questions by researching more about the benefits and disadvantages of reading out-loud in class. I know that Kylene Beers writes on the advantages of oral reading in a classroom. She states, “Reading aloud is the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading.” in her book “When Kids Can’t Read”.  Knowing that a professional thinks so highly of reading helps to open my mind to the idea of not only allowing it in my classroom, but making it part of my normal schedule. I am hoping to find many sources that help me understand at the best of my ability why reading out loud could be beneficial. However, I will not shy away from mentioning the things to be cautious about as well.



3 thoughts on “Hello

  1. I sometimes feel like the kid in the picture when I have to speak in front of large audiences. Reading out loud is tough and also essential in life. I think it is really awesome that you have always known you would become a teacher. It is such an amazing and impactful profession and one which I never saw myself involved. I didn’t really consider becoming a teacher until a couple of years ago. Once I began the classes, I began to feel much like you do. I want to contribute to helping students/kids get ahead in life. I don’t want them to make up excuses for themselves, as to why they could not achieve something. I think if we give them the tools they need to be effective learners, then success should be a lot easier to achieve. The language arts/english are essential to every facet of our lives and having a teacher that has always wanted to be at the head of a classroom is an awesome thing. Congrats on reaching your goal and if I could give you one piece of advice, travel! I have traveled quite a bit and it is such an important part of who I have become as a person. The world becomes a lot smaller place when we travel. It is amazing to witness all of the differences and similarities we have across the world. I would not call myself a world travel but I have seen enough to know that using your passport will benefit you throughout your life. Travel makes you appreciate other cultures and also gives an individual a bit more perspective on what’s really important in life. So, travel and seek an adventure because life is short and there is a lot to see out there.

  2. Katie, I think your focus, “reading out-loud in a classroom,” is a great area of study. I, too, was one of those students who hated being picked on to read. Mispronouncing or struggling to read a word frustrated me, especially in my science classes. I am looking forward to seeing the benefits and disadvantages of reading aloud in the classroom. I think if it was implemented more many students would soon lose the fear of being picked on, and maybe even help with public speaking.

  3. Katie- I love talking to people who have always wanted to be teachers. This is a new passion of mine, so I love to hear from people who have had a calling.

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